I am a PhD candidate in the department of politics and a Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (Q-APS) fellow at Princeton University. My research is in political economy with a substantive focus in comparative politics.
I am interested in the interrelations between an authoritarian state, government actors and regime outsiders.
I investigate how the participation in politics of marginalized groups among outsiders shapes a state's political actions, and how these actions alter the bureaucratic incentives of government insiders. I focus on state actions such as the reshuffling of cabinet posts, the implementation of free media and the socio-political control of opposition parties. I analyze the bureaucratic performance of government actors such as ministers and regime elites to understand the extend to which their performance is altered by the pressure on the state of marginalized groups. I study marginalized groups' participation through social movements. On this website you can find my CV and Research
Gaétan Tchakounte Nandong